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Why choose Sarah Jones?

Sarah Jones found her place here in Jackson after calling many other places home. Frequently moving throughout the country and internationally taught her to really appreciate all the hard work that goes into a move. A former teacher, Sarah transferred those skills as an educator into the real estate field in 1991 and has never looked back.

Sarah knows how important buying and selling a home is to you and your family. With over 23 years of experience in real estate in the metro area, she is dedicated to help you through your real estate transaction with ease. Sarah believes in personal relationships, hard work and knowledge of the current real estate market to help make each move a SUCCESS!

Choose experience, choose Sarah Jones, Realtor®!

Sarah Jones Real Estate

Sarah Jones


Steps to a Successful Selling

Ready, Set, Sale Checklist!


  • Polish Door Handles
  • Door Bell Functions Properly
  • Pot of Colorful Flowers
  • New Door Mat


  • Mow, Prune, Trim, Weed
  • Replace any Dead Shrubs or Trees
  • Plant Flowers for Color
  • Clear Walkways
  • Clear Drive
  • Store Hoses
  • Store Toys


  • Trim Work, Shutters, Railings and Gutters
  • Front Door


  • Repair or Replace Fence Slats & Posts
  • Make sure Fence Gates Open Easily
  • Touch Up Paint or Stain Fence
  • Make sure Garage Door Opens Easily & Garage Door Opener Works Properly
  • Inspect Roof for Leaks
  • Clear Roof of Debris
  • Repair or Replace Trim Work & Siding
  • Replace Broken or Cracked Window Panes


  • Wash Inside / Outside Windows
  • Clean Oil & Grease Spots on Concrete
  • Clean Garage, Attic, Pool
  • Arrange & Clean Outdoor Furniture
  • Wash Trim & Exterior of Home


  • Free Home of Odors
  • Make sure Light Switches Work Properly
  • Replace Light Bulbs throughout
  • Electrical Outlets Work Properly
  • Remove and Store Excess Furniture
  • Clear Clutter on Countertops, Shelves, Floor
  • Organize Cabinets, Drawers, Closets
  • Remove and Store Half of All Items in Cabinets, Drawers, Closets
  • Remove Ashes from Fireplace
  • Inspect Air Conditioning and Heating Units
  • Wipe Down Walls or Paint
  • Make Beds, Pick Up Clothes
  • Clean Appliances / Appliance Working Well
  • Provide Owners Manuals/ Warranties


  • Toilet Flush Properly, Fixtures Do Not Leak
  • Sink Stopper / Tub Holds Water
  • Hang Fresh Towels
  • Replace Shower Curtain & Repair Grout