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Why choose Sarah Jones?

Sarah Jones found her place here in Jackson after calling many other places home. Frequently moving throughout the country and internationally taught her to really appreciate all the hard work that goes into a move. A former teacher, Sarah transferred those skills as an educator into the real estate field in 1991 and has never looked back.

Sarah knows how important buying and selling a home is to you and your family. With over 23 years of experience in real estate in the metro area, she is dedicated to help you through your real estate transaction with ease. Sarah believes in personal relationships, hard work and knowledge of the current real estate market to help make each move a SUCCESS!

Choose experience, choose Sarah Jones, Realtor®!

Sarah Jones Real Estate

Sarah Jones


 Steps to a Successful Home Purchase

Making an Offer

As the old saying goes, “You only have one chance to make a first impression.” With Sarah, your first impression will leave a major mark on the seller. Your offer should not offend the seller, but the offer should present your proposal in the best manner possible. Elements that are included in an offer are the following:

  1. Offering Price
  2. Method of Financing
  3. Occupancy Requirements
  4. Inspections Contingency
  5. Earnest Money Deposit
  1. Pro-ration of Taxes and Special Assessments
  2. Requested Items to be Left in this Property
  3. Suggested Date of Closing
  4. Other Contingencies and Other Specific Requirement

Negotiating a Successful Purchase

Once the offer is prepared, I will arrange for the presentation of your offer to be presented to the seller. I will do my best to be certain that your offer is presented in a very favorable and professional manner. Once we have received a response from the seller, I will advise you regarding the alternatives available to you. Typical responses from sellers include the following:

    1. Acceptance without Changes
    2. Acceptance with Changes
    3. Counter Offer on Price Only
    4. Counter Offer on Price and other Issues
    5. Rejection of Offer

Every transaction is different, and the negotiating phase of a home purchase is often the most sensitive and critical step.

Personal Attention to Transaction Detail

There are many tasks that must be performed after any offer is accepted and before the closing can take place, and it will be my responsibility to see that all of these tasks are performed in a timely and professional approach. I will personally be involved in accomplishing each of the following tasks:

      1. Arrange for a Home Inspection
      2. Arrange for an Appraisal of Property
      3. Obtain Mortgage Approval
      4. Order Title Insurance
      5. Order Survey of Property
      1. Obtain Payoff Letter from Existing Lender
      2. Obtain Latest Water Invoice/ Statement of Account
      3. Obtain Statement of Taxes of Assessment
      4. Prepare Closing Statement for Seller
      5. Prepare Closing Statement for Buyer

Personal Representation at Closing

The closing requires the execution of numerous documents by both the buyer and the seller. It is critical that the closing be conducted in a professional style so that no issue occurs between the buyers and sellers that could place the entire transaction in jeopardy.

I will be present at the closing to answer any questions and explain any issues that may arise.